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Energy Field Reading

The power of the other dimension.

Choose Your 1:1 Reading


Energy Field Reading is a combination of
intuitive healing, systemic constellation work, kinesiology, ancestral-, soul- & spirit healing.

You are unique being and I will guide you on your unique healing journey.​


After clarifying your topic and clear on all your questions I will guide you into the spheres of your inner dimension. It can be described as a trance state, similar to a deep meditation, or lucid dream; you will be always in full willpower and control of yourself and we will only dive as deep as you want. I will hold the space, like a bridge between dimensions and channel the information that is needed in order for you to heal.


A session takes about 1,5 - 2 hours, depending on the topic and personal journey 1 - 5 session are needed, usually with a pause of 2 - 3 month between sessions, so your system has time for transformation and integration. 


The price for one session is 189€* and includes the energetic preparation, the actual session (anamnesis, reading, trance, release) and energetic post-procession. **



Session can be held offline in Berlin or online (just as effective as in person), in english, spanish or german. Contact me for more questions or to book a session.

* 1 session: up to 2hours / 189€  + after 2h, every started 15min / +23 €

**if you are not in the position to pay full price please contact me


Every story and every person is different. You are a unique being on your unique healing journey. 


I guide you on your journey to your inner wisdom, your own inner healer.​ At your own speed and with my highest respect​ for the journey you may be on.

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