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Frequently asked questions.

  • 1. What exactly is Energy Field Reading?
    Energy Field Reading is a combination of all methods and experiences that I gathered throughout my studies, personal research and life in a cocktail together: Intuitive healing, hypnosis / trance therapy, family constellation work, kinesiology, ancestral-, soul- & spirit healing (past - present - future), shamanic healing, past life regression, energy healing, traditional chinese medicine, naturopathy, sport science and medicine. You are unique being and I will guide you on your unique healing journey.​
  • 2. What is the procedure of a session?
    The Energy Field Reading Session can be divided into 4 parts: 1. ANAMNESIS: In a preliminary talk of about 60 minutes we first clarify your concerns and goals and I answer any questions that may still arise. We will work out together your key issues and define the goal of the session. 2. READING: Then the actual reading begins. I will connect to the energy field and channel information that we need in order for you to heal or to release whatever topic you are dealing with. 3. ENERGY FIELD HEALING: (medium trance / hypnosis): With my guidance we will step into your energy field and the field you are embedded in. With the help of my voice I will lead you into a medium trance and we will travel together into the deeper dimension to let go and release whatever you want to let go of, to rewrite certain memories or reconnect to a source of love and inner peace. In the trance state you will not lose consciousness, you will always be in control, awake and aware of what I say. It is often described as a kind of half-sleep meditative state which feels like deep, pleasant relaxation. 4.CHECK OUT and release. I will make sure you are "landing back" well and we did everything for you so you have highest possible healing effect. Sometimes I will give you some additional naturopathic remedy to support your system and transformation. In total, a session lasts about 3 hours.
  • 3. Will I lose consciousness or fall asleep during a session?
    No. During the session you are always aware, awake and in control, and you will hear and remember everything that I say. Unless you fall asleep due to relaxation at the end or after the session. I will still hold the space and gently wake you up again.
  • 4. What happens to my brain when I am in a trance state meanwhile the reading?
    Most clients experience a medium level trance (theta brain waves) during the reading. You will be aware of, but not distracted by outside noises.
  • 5. Can a session be dangerous or too overwhelming for me?
    There are no side effects with Energy Field Reading and regular sessions can be held out without hesitation. Only in the case of schitzphrenia or psychosis is it not recommended to choose this form of therapy. Often people have the fear of being will-less and experiencing a loss of control during a trance / hypnotic state. This is not the case, you will be always in control, awake an aware. Just imagine that you just wake up in the morning and are still in a half-sleep, which is similar to a trance. Nevertheless, you are able to make free decisions and act of your own free will. Another fear is that repressed or forgotten issues or traumatic events can come up during a session that are too much for you to handle with. But we will only deal with topics that we have discussed beforehand and I will always ask for your consent during the session. As you are always in control of what is happening you are allowed to talk and ask as many questions as you like to during a session. And out of my experiences your subconscious will only give you thoughts, images and information that you are willing to look at.
  • 6. How many sessions do I need?
    Every session is releasing and shifting the energy field. I recommend between 1-3 sessions in order to feel a profound change. Usually with a transition time of 3-4 month between sessions. As healing is always a process it can be helpful to have more than one session. Depending on your issue a full relief can be experienced only after one session but many times a new underlaying topic can rise up after a while. Your subconsciousness will let go little by little, at your own speed and in your own time. You can compare your healing journey to the many layers of an onion...Once a layer is revealed and healed there is another layer, and another layer before reaching the very core. Every layer will help you to feel more released, aligned and more whole. Healing is a journey towards your core, your deeper self, your truth. And I can observe that it usually gets lighter and easier with every layer you unravel. I see the healing journey as a journey towards yourself. Step by step you reach to the pure core that you are. To the light and ease within you, in alignment with everything that is.
  • 7. What can Energy Field Reading help heal?
    Energy Field Reading can help if you are struggeling to keep out negative thoughts, anxieties, and issues of any kind relating to a previous time in your life. It can help to overcome intergenerational pattern, disease or conflicts. - Problems to sleep, stress, anxiety - Depression - Fatigue - Sadness - Stage fright, test fear, self esteem - Psychosomatic symtoms, aches and pains - Chronic disease & autoimmune diseases - Repetitive pattern / being stuck - Life crisis / spiritual questions / sense of life - Grief & loss of a loved one - Relationship issues - Trauma - ...
  • 8. Do I always need to know what my problem is?
    No. We will figure out the source of your issue together. Sometimes it is hard to define an exact topic beforehand.
  • 9. What is a price for a session and what does it include?
    The price for one 3h session is 400€ (three sessions for 1000€) and includes the energetic preparation, the actual session (anamnesis, reading, trance, release) and energetic post-procession. * A session usually takes 3-4 month to fully unfold, this means that the energy that is set free during the session will continue to work for you even in the time period after. Clients describe a feeling of relief, joy and expansion that can be felt in their daily routine, relationships and surroundings. ** The energy working through me is quite strong and after a session I need 1-2 days to recover. This is why I can only offer limited amounts of sessions per week.
  • 10. Is there any difference from an online to an offline session?
    No. Energy doesn't know time nor space. I can do the session with you in person offline, online via zoom or speaking on the telephone. Let me know what is the easiest for you and what option you prefer.
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