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Energy Field Reading

The power of the other dimension.


Energy Field Reading is a combination of

ancestral-, soul- & spirit healing.


A combination of all methods and experiences that I gathered throughout my studies, personal research and life in a cocktail together:

  • intuitive healing

  • hypnosis / trance

  • systemic- / family constellation work

  • kinesiology / channelling

  • ancestral healing (past - present - future)

  • past life regression

  • traditional chinese medicine, naturopathy

  • sport science & medicine​​

You are a unique being and I will guide you on your unique healing journey.


After clarifying your topic and clear on all your questions I will guide you into the spheres of your inner dimension. It can be described as a trance state, similar to a deep meditation, or lucid dream; you will be always in full willpower and control of yourself and we will only dive as deep as you want.

  1. Anamnesis of Actual Situation

  2. Working out the Key Issue

  3. Energy Field Reading and Channeling 

  4. Check out and Release


A session takes 3 hours, depending on the topic and personal journey 1-3 session are recommended, usually with a pause of 2-4 month between sessions, so your system has time for transformation and integration.


The price for one 3h session is 400€* / price for three sessions 1000€ and includes the energetic preparation, the actual session (anamnesis, reading, trance, release) and energetic post-procession. **


Session can be held offline in Berlin or online (just as effective as in person), in english, spanish or german. Contact me for bookings, more questions or check the FAQ Section.

* 1 session: 3hours / 400€ 

** if you are not in the position to pay full price please contact me

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