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Clients Love.

"I am amazed and deeply touched by Sarah's healing practice. She is a natural and has an incredible intuition for what a person needs and how to work with them. She is a fantastic listener and a compassionate healer. I would completely recommend her if you would like to understand yourself more deeply, gain inner peace and strength. Thank you Sarah. It has been a life changing experience."

Sana R.

Meeting Sarah at her work was as unexpected as a gift.

In each session she helps me, with care and secure presence, to move the limits of my awareness a step forward in dimensions of being unthinkable for me until a second before.

it's like going out from my own birth and death bed.

it's a concrete, lifely experience that existence is more than our habits or rational mind suggest.

Sarah makes this journey possible, expanding my feeling of being safe and guiding me in a very sensitive way.

it's like coming back to a state of pure potentiality where every kind of knowledge, every kind of experience becomes possible.

It's an experience within all the body is involved, helping me with my health problems and generally in my capacity to have confidence.

Nico L.

"I can highly recommend Sarahs work. I've worked with many bodyworkers, energy healers, therapists etc. in various fields and I can honestly say Sarah brings a level of integrity, passion and honesty to her field that is fundamental for this kind of work and something that really, can't be learned - it has to be natural :) And it most definitely is for Sarah. Thank you for the healing work! It is still unfolding beautifully in and around me."

Blomme S.

I found the atmosphere of our collaboration to be trusting and sincere right from the start. Therefore, I was able to engage well with the work with Sarah and the process.

I would explain the work or the process as something that you develop and move forward together out of the specific situation. Also as a kind of joint searching, discovering, sensing.

The biggest aha moment was when Sarah marked out the time period - and it coincided with the death of my much loved dog Teddy. I had the impression up to that point that I had already "placed" his loss in the course of my life, that the beautiful memories had in the meantime replaced the grief and pain. I didn't realize that there were emotions that were still "fallow" after all.  However, I felt this as something beautiful, even though there is certainly still sadness associated with it. This simply showed me that Teddy is still very important and present for me even after 6 years.

This work is perfect for all those who are ready to open up, to be surprised and also dare to get involved with the unknown. For someone who wants to learn something about themselves. I would pass on to others who are interested that it is worthwhile to devote time for oneself.

Dear Sarah, thank you for the exciting and enjoyable session! I remember it as something thoroughly enjoyable. I got new food for thought through the session.

Katharina H.

I already had two sessions with Sarah and can still feel the change that happened through her work. She is a gifted healer where it's easy to feel comfortable and safe. Her work is diving deep and releases blockages, it touched my heart and my soul. Thank you Sarah, I can't wait to continue my journey with you on my side.

Frederike L.

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