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Create a safe place for your soul to live in.
Profound. Moving. Transformational.

Each of us writes our own, individual story in our lives. And yet we are all involved in the history of our environment, the system we are embedded in (work system, family,..), our ancestors, pasts lives and the collective memory of the society we live in.

Ideally we are connected in good terms, through love and strength. Often, however, we are entangled in the fate of our environment in a stressful way, often even unconsciously. These entanglements can have a wide variety of effects on us and our lives. Also suffering from a drastic change in your life (the loss of a loved one, a sudden change of fait,...) can take a lot of energy, making it hard to find inner peace and to connect to others or yourself.

Through Energy Reading I can help you to recognise these fates, traumatic events or inherited feelings in your system, to understand the relationship to yourself and reorganise them. Energy Field Reading can be a powerful method for personal development and offers the opportunity to open, expand and often correct our previous perspectives, to find back inner alignment, trust and hope.​​

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