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Get in contact with your inner world.
Release, find peace & let go.

​Beginn to understand yourself better, get in contact with your inner world and you inner resources. Let go of whatever doesn't serve you anymore, set boundaries, close your energy field to be safe within yourself, so you can be open for authentic exchange, connected with your radiant and powerful self.

Energy field Reading can be very helpful for chronic diseases or pain conditions that cannot be alleviated despite the correct use of guideline-compliant pain medication. The deep relaxation of the stressed organism has a health-promoting and restorative effect. The immune system, many vegetative functions and the metabolism are directly stimulated. We activate the self-healing powers deep inside you.

With Energy Reading I can find out what is creating an imbalance within you and what it needs in order to let the energy flow freely again. So you can find back your inner balance. Your ease.

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