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About Sarah

Finding your inner truth.


My path of healing

As a professional dancer and yoga teacher I have always been fascinated by the notion of touching the unconscious inherent in movement, experiencing the body as a reflection and image of time.


My own healing journey began with an accident on stage that abruptly ended my dance career. After a period of despair, triggered by immobility, physical weakness, chronic illness, slow recovery and many open questions I discovered that my body was being called for a different purpose.​

On the way to healing myself I discovered and trained the science of holistic medicine, the power of my intuitive forces and the vastness and treasure of my inner world. And step by step I began to heal.

Since then there has been no single day without deep gratitude towards what I found. And this is what I want to share with you.

I want to show you your own inner world, your inner light. I want to show you a way to let go of old pain, to let go of subconscious blockages, to let go of limiting beliefs.

I want to show you a way to set boundaries, to establish a nourishing field of light and power within you, to find peace and inner alignment.


I want to show you how to connect to your own truth,

to your own inner healer.​

With love

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Professional Education

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  • Naturopathy - Medical Examination (state approved - Public Health Department Berlin 2020)

  • Alternative & Holistic Medicine (Samuel Hahnemann Schule, Berlin 2017 -2020)

Conventional Medicine & Anatomy, Pathology

Process-oriented Homeopathy, Plant Healing, Bach Flower Remedy, Psychotherapy

Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture (285h)

  • Past life Regression Therapy & Quantum Healing (Marije Terluin, Berlin 2022)

  • Matrix Energetics nach Richard Bartlett (Michael Antoni, Berlin 2019)

  • Systemic Therapy & Family Constellation Work nach Bernd Hellinger (Inst.f. Morphogenetic Medicine Berlin 2017-2019) Systemic Constellation Work, Morphogenetics

  • Morphogenetic Healing, Psycho-Kinesiology, Hypnosis (Inst.f. Morphogenetic Medicine Berlin)

Psycho Kinesiology, Imago, Stress-Release, EFT, Inner Child Work, Past Life Regression

  • Dancer / Dance Teacher (Ballettförderzentum Nürnberg, 2012)

Dancer at State Opera of Nuremberg, Solo Productions and Artistic Projects (2012-2015)

  • Yoga, Pilates & Personal Trainer (Emden, Bayreuth, Nuremberg, Berlin - Since 2009)

  • Dipl. SpOek / Sport Science, Business Administration & Law (University of Bayreuth, 2011)

- Sport Science: Sports Medicine, Nutrition, Kinematics, Psychology & Systemic Coaching,...

Thesis: Systemic Coaching in Movement Therapy

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