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Hypnosis Classes

Release - Unwind - Rewind - Transform

The power of manifestation


Do you need new inspiring visions or do you already have visions but don’t know how to reach them? What if you could have anything you want or be anything you want? Imagine there would be no limitations. Who would you want to be? How to feel? What to have?


This powerful FUSION of HYPNOSIS AND SOUND is specially designed for you. For your soul to be nourished and recharged, for your body to release and for your mind to step into the power of creation and manifestation.

Dive in the transforming spheres of your subconscious mind

Step in alignment with your higher self

Connect to the universal source of creation to

Activate your highest potential.

Release - Unwind - Rewind - Transform

As a medium and intuitive Sarah ( will lead you into a soft but profound hypnosis so you can learn how to unlock and activate your own inner resources. Learn how to dive into a theta state (theta brain waves) to visualize and manifest your vision on a subconscious level. Caro ( will support the transformational process by using the power of sound so your energy has time to align to your inner heart’s vision. Her magical soundscape will directly align your soul, heart and DNA to shift your state of being on a cellular level beyond time, space and dimensions.


*the healing effect of hypnosis and your subconscious mind

*how to channel and connect to the source

*how to activate your higher self and the power of manifestation



+ hypnosis & trance

+ journaling

+ deep dive

+ healing & transformation

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