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Workshops & Teachings

Dive deep and let go.

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Ancestral Healing *free online webinar*

Free yourself from adopted patterns & trauma (with guided meditation)

How trapped emotions and unresolved past trauma within the family line can affect your life.


Have you ever felt an emotion that didn't feel like your own? Did you observe a repetitive pattern of behaviour or events in your life or even throughout your family line? Are you curious to know more about intergenerational trauma or grief? How can you heal wounds that are deeply stored within your cells and your unconsciousness?

In my work as a yoga teacher, naturopath and healer I observe how important and powerful it can be to acknowledge and value your ancestry; the female and the male roots within you.


Your ancestry forms a storage battery of prana (life force), as well as transformation. Once activated it allows you to grow and rise. This is why we have to connect back down in order to fly high. Ancestral Healing can help you to create a stable and safe base within you.


In this webinar, I will lead you through a guided meditation process. You are invited to travel back to your roots and activate the powerful energy that flows through your ancestry line into your system.

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I will talk about:

* the power of your ancestry

* what effect they have on you, your daily routine, your success in life

* how to let go of passed on trauma / non-beneficial family entanglements

* how to reconnect to strength, love and power within your family line


What to expect:

+ journaling

+ guided meditation

+ deep dive

+ transformation

How to participate? 

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I am happy to see you soon and dive deep together.


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